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A Healthy Happy Menopause
Is Within Reach

If you could overcome and manage your menopause symptoms fast, effectively, and forever, how much better could all areas of your life be?

We help women overcome menopause symptoms naturally through simple lifestyle changes and nutrition, giving them a new lease of life and confidence!


Simple - Fast - Effective

What We Specialise In

Meno-Balance Food Intolerance & Allergy 


6 Month Program

Meno-Vitality Serene Elegance
12 Month Programme

SUP Yoga Warrior

Reset Your Digestive System

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals

Personalised Nutrition Plan

“I feel I have got my life back and I think I look pretty good for a grandmother of twins now!”

- Julia

“What I love about Lady Menopause are the people that attend the group meetings and Tracey, my coach who facilitates that support. It's my new family!”

- Catherine

“I have got my life back and I have so much more energy.  Menopause - what Menopause??!!
Thank you  Tracey at Lady Menopause!”

- Julie

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