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We are excited to announce that our book 'Menopause - The Hot, The Cold & Where Did I Put My Sandwich?! Stage of Life', is now available to buy on Amazon and Kindle

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We hope you enjoy reading our book and would love to hear your thoughts. 
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BOOK REVIEW: Menopause: The Hot, The Cold & 'Where Did I Leave My Sandwich?!' Stage of Life by Tracey Blamire


Book Cover Mockup.jpg
Book Cover Mockup.jpg

Critics Review

In "The Hot, The Cold & Where Did I Put My Sandwich?!" by Tracey Blamire, readers embark on an amusing and relatable journey through the labyrinth of menopause. The book's title itself captures the bewildering mix of physical sensations and memory lapses that women often encounter during this profound life transition. This delightful exploration of menopause is a testament to the author's unique approach.

Critics Review continued...

"Tracey Blamire employs humour as a powerful tool to tackle the taboo and sometimes daunting subject of menopause. The witty and playful approach not only makes the book an enjoyable read but also serves as a means to break down barriers, rendering the topic more accessible. It offers readers a refreshing perspective on this significant life phase, making it more approachable and relatable."

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