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My Menopause Wellness Roadshow

Sunday 25th February 2024
We are coming to Farnborough, Hampshire 

St Peters Junior School, Farnborough, GU14 7AP

Further Dates and Locations to be arranged 
Please register your interest and let us know your location and we will use this information to plan other events throughout the UK

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about menopause?  I know I did and it’s completely understandable, as it's complex and still not widely talked about.

Menopause involves a range of physical, emotional, and hormonal changes and symptoms that can vary widely from person to person, it can be very confusing what to do for the best!

From this Event you will gain a better understanding of the stages of menopause, why we experience the symptoms we do, what causes ‘Meno-Belly’ and how to manage and overcome these symptoms naturally.

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