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Nat's Story


Before starting Lighterlife I avoided anything that would show your reflection – mirrors, shop windows – I always took the photos so I didn’t have to be in them!  I still don’t aim for the limelight now but I don’t shy away from it. 

"The best thing is knowing I’m healthier – reducing the risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer and hopefully living a long and happy life, and hey – who doesn’t enjoy not being the “fat friend” anymore."



I don’t creak when I get out of the sofa anymore – oh and the dreaded menopausal night sweats haven’t disappeared but they’re hardly noticeable!  One of my favourite things is I can use a bath towel now and not a bath sheet – the simple things!


I love food – I’ll always love food – but now I know how to enjoy it whilst not destroying all my hard work with the Management plan after 12 weeks on the TotalFast plan .  It’s not about falling off the wagon – its about driving that wagon – you’re in control – it really is that simple.

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