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Catherine's Story

"I started LighterLife with Tracey at Lavender Lace in May 2021 having had previous success with it.


The covid pandemic had a huge impact on my physical and mental wellbeing in addition to my working and social life. As a NHS nurse we found ourselves working in a way that has previously been unknown. The word unprecedented was banded about but in my case, it was certainly true.


My ability to attend my beloved yoga was removed overnight. I am unable to get my head around yoga via zoom. My regular exercise 3 times a week stopped. Owing to covid restrictions opportunities to see my friends and family ceased. I am a sociable person, not seeing my friends and family left a huge hole.


Working during the pandemic was tough, I deserved that cakey treat on a Friday after a tough week. I ate my body weight in dark chocolate coffee beans. I told myself, 'It's dark chocolate, not as bad as milk chocolate'.  I deserved that large glass of red wine."


Catherine After Shot blue Dec 2021 zoomed in.jpg

"So as restrictions lifted, Mr Sunak announced eat out to help out. I did, at least 3 times a week. The pounds piled on and I became a chunky monkey. 


As a vintage clothes fan, my gorgeous dresses started to become very snug or even didn't fit. So it was time to change. I refused to buy new larger dresses. I hung a dress that I love on my wardrobe door to give me something to aim for.


Since starting Lighter Life I have lost 2 stone and gone down 2 dress sizes. It is the only diet plan that works for me. It takes the ache out of my very busy brain, 4 food packs a day.



Catherine After Shot red Dec 2021.jpg

It has taken me 7 months to reach my target weight the reason being I have had periods of time off plan due to events and holidays. I am now on management.


What I love about Lavender Lace are the people that attend the group CBT meetings and Tracey, my coach and mentor who facilitates that support. It's my new family!”

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