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LighterLife FlexiFast
(price will vary)

FlexiFast is designed for those with less weight to lose, those who want to lose their weight more slowly, those who want to incorporate conventional food, or those whose health status means they are not suitable for TotalFast.


For all meals on some days, or for some meals every day, conventional food is replaced with LighterLife meals.

FlexiFast is an intermittent fasting plan that, is as flexible as you want it to be. You choose how many Foodpacks you have along with conventional food choices.

For instance:


  • Some days each week replace all your meals with four Foodpacks – you could do 5:2, 4:3, 3:4 whatever works for you! This gives you all the nutrition you need in around 800 calories per FlexiFasting day.

  • Alternatively, replace 2 meals with 2-3 Foodpacks every day and add a conventional meal.

  • Or a mix of the above to fit in with your lifestyle.

  • You can use Foodpacks any day as convenient healthy meal replacement option.

On LighterLife FlexiFast
You will have:

  • 2-3 Food Packs per day and a low-carb conventional meal.


  • Incorporate 'Fasting Days' into your week.

    On Fasting Days you will have 4 LighterLife food packs, receiving 100% Daily Nutrition.

At the LighterLife Shop Checkout Enter Mentor Code:


Your LighterLife Programme includes:

  • Effective weight loss

  • Nutritious low calorie food packs

  • Weekly CBT mindfulness behaviour change sessions

  • Ongoing support from your Mentor

  •  Long-term weight management plans

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