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LighterLife TotalFast
From £71.99 per week*

TotalFast is LighterLife's premium plan and is for those who are 3 stone or more overweight or for those that need to lose weight quickly.

Clients typically lose 1 stone a month and you will receive weekly support from Tracey, from Lavender Lace as your LighterLife Mentor to ensure you succeed.

You replace your conventional food with 4 LighterLife meals a day, which are high in protein and give you all your daily vitamins, minerals, fibre, essential fatty acids and carbs.


TotalFast ensures your body works with you – rather than having to fight hunger all the time as your body will go into Ketosis, burning fat for fuel.

On LighterLife TotalFast every day you will have:

  • 4 LighterLife Food Packs

  • 100% Daily Nutrition

  • 600-800 kcal

  • Carb Intake 50-75g

  • No Conventional Food

  • * based on price per week for a 12 week subscription

At the LighterLife Shop Checkout Enter Mentor Code:


The LighterLife Plans includes:

  • Effective weight loss

  • Nutritious low calorie food packs

  • Weekly CBT mindfulness behaviour change sessions

  • Ongoing support from your Mentor

  •  Long-term weight management plans

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