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Your LighterLife Programme includes

  • Effective weight loss

  • Nutritious low calorie food packs

  • Weekly CBT mindfulness behaviour change sessions

  • Ongoing support from your Mentor

  •  Long-term weight management plans

Weight Loss Programme

£71.99 per week*

On the LighterLife Total Fast Programme, clients typically lose 1 stone a month.

The LighterLife food packs are nutritionally complete to meet your daily requirements and they take the headache out of dieting, as you don't need to think what you will eat, you will simply have 4 LighterLife food packs a day, allowing you to lose weight quickly, in a healthy balanced and supported way.

There are 2 LighterLife weight loss plans:


  • TotalFast: suitable for those with more than 2 stone to lose and for those that need to lose weight quickly.

  • FlexiFast: suitable for those with less weight to lose, want to lose weight more slowly and incorporate conventional food.

Read more about the LighterLife weight loss plans by clicking on the buttons below:



Once you’ve reached your goal, there is also a Management Plan, where you learn how to maintain your weight loss and build a new, healthier lifestyle; we have a range of versatile plans that fit into your own personal circumstances, to help you maintain your new weight.  Find out more about the LighterLife Management Program by clicking on the button below:


*based on pricing for a 12-week subscription 

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