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Julia's Story

My NHS scrubs were skin-tight, now I can fit both my legs into one!

Julia had struggled with her weight for most of her life, but more specifically following the birth of her fourth child who is now 25 years old! “I have tried other diets and exercise plans since then and managed to lose 2-2.5 stone on a couple of occasions. However, the weight usually started to creep back on once I stopped.”

I needed to change my lifestyle

“More recently my weight started to go up as I changed jobs and started working a combination of night and day shifts in the NHS. My energy levels dropped, and my eating habits changed dramatically.  I’d be snacking constantly between seeing patients and due to the nature of the work I’d be sitting down most of the time. My physical health was also suffering and exercising became more challenging the more weight I gained.  I just couldn’t be bothered during the pandemic and I became an emotional eater through a scary time.  Having to wear scrubs most of the time stopped me from worrying about what I was starting to look like.

At the beginning of 2021, I was told I needed surgery, and losing weight would help speed up my recovery. I started the LighterLife Programme in April 2021 as this would give me two months to lose approximately two stone.

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Why I chose LighterLife with Tracey at Lavender Lace Wellbeing


I contacted Tracey, who was lovely and so supportive, so I signed up.  The initial few days were hard, but I stuck to it, drinking lots of water and black coffee, but it quickly got much easier, and my energy levels and motivation increased.

I’ve gone from a size 18 (probably bigger in some items) to a size 12, so finding nice fashionable clothes is so much easier now. Clothes feel more comfortable, I don’t spend time trying on everything I own just to find an outfit that makes me look okay before going out. Since losing weight, I have gotten rid of all my larger-size clothes because I refuse to go back to them.  Plus, it’ll soon be a year since I started the plan and it has become part of my life, so I am choosing not to regain the excess weight.  I feel more in control of my weight than I ever have and that has boosted my confidence too.  My youngest daughter lives in Canada and I’ve not been to see her since 2020 due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.  I cannot wait until she sees the difference and hopefully, the weight loss will also have improved my skiing abilities!

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A message from Julia

"I would highly recommend joining Lavender Lace and the LighterLife TotalFast Plan.  It’s easy to follow and although you might think it’s expensive, it’s cheaper than buying food. The plan is very easy to follow and leaves you with more time to enjoy life.

I feel I have got my life back!  I don’t worry about food now or what I wear because my clothes fit and are comfortable and I think I look pretty good for a grandmother of twins now!”

With Lavender Lace, you are not alone.  We know losing weight can be tough, that’s why we have lots of support and different options and plans to help you on your journey.

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